About Wood Entertainment

WOOD ENTERTAINMENT is a Los Angeles based American film production and distributing company founded by International Sales Executive, Tara Wood in 2004. Wood Entertainment has acquired and sold 100’s of films of all genres in the domestic and international marketplace, attending all major film markets including Cannes, AFM and Berlin for over a decade.

CEO, Tara Wood maintains a diverse network of talent and strong relationships among Hollywood’s key players allowing the creation of the 21 YEARS SERIES, defining itself as a leader in today’s independent film community.

The first instalment in the documentary series, 21 YEARS: RICHARD LINKLATER features Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black, Keanu Reeves. The second, 21 YEARS: QUENTIN TARANTINO featuring Jamie Foxx, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Christoph Waltz, Lucy Liu and more, was sold to THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY at Cannes 2016 as one of the highest selling documentaries of the year.

We are currently concentrating on acquiring independent films from today's up and coming filmmakers for international sales representation as well as developing new projects for Wood Entertainment productions. We welcome you to join our family and grow with us!

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